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Safety Response: Supporting Victims and Community, Lessons from T Rugg's Incident

State Representative Emma Mulvaney-Stanak's statement on recent incident at T Rugg's in the Old North End. As a parent of two young children whose preschool and elementary school were in lockdown due to the incident at T Rugg’s on Monday, and having heard from community members and business owners who have many questions, I see the need for a more coordinated and informed response from the city. I appreciate the immediate response of our Police Department and the individual officers on the scene. I am glad that, as far as I know, no victims were physically harmed, and the situation was resolved without escalation. That said, we need our safety systems to go beyond initial harm and violence. We also need a broader response to address the trauma that the community experiences during a violent incident, including proactive involvement of victim services. This is how we ensure everyone is and feels safe in Burlington.


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