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Mulvaney-Stanak's Statement on the Outcome of the Burlington Democratic Caucus

December 10, 2023

Congratulations to Joan Shannon for earning her party’s nomination this afternoon and thank you to Karen Paul and CD Mattison for stepping forward to serve our community. 

I look forward to a robust conversation with Burlington voters about the issues facing the community and our path forward. In March, voters will have the opportunity to decide whether the strategies of the past decade will get us where we need to go, or whether we need a new vision for Burlington. 

I look forward to the next several months of our campaign where we’ll be focused on our concrete and community-based plans to address community safety, affordability and livability for people and our climate. During this time, we’ll have the opportunity to highlight the different approaches that we would each take to address Burlington’s most pressing concerns. We will also get a chance to share our different experience and skill set and explain why we are the leader to best serve Burlington based on what the city needs today.


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