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Dozens of Burlington School District Teachers and Staff Endorse Emma Mulvaney-Stanak for Mayor

As teachers and school support staff, we are thrilled to personally endorse Emma Mulvaney-Stanak for mayor. Emma has a terrific track record of supporting education professionals and public schools, including over a decade at the largest union in the state, the Vermont-NEA. She strongly believes that healthy schools are integral to a thriving community. Emma has the skills and vision needed to lead Burlington and we are excited to lend her our support.

Alex Eskra, Flynn Elementary

Alice Patalano, Champlain Elementary

Amy Cudney, Flynn Elementary

Amy King, SA

Andrea Farley, IAA

Autumn Bangoura, BSD

Aziza Malik, Champlain Elementary

Barbarann Gadue, Hunt Middle

Becca Shute, BTC

Corttney Feldman, Edmunds Elementary

David Nacmanie, C.P. Smith Elementary

Deirdre Morris, SA

Diane Bensel, Flynn Elementary

Erica Giannone, IAA

Ethan Benton, IAA

Heather McGrath, IAA

Holly Beckert, IAA

Jason Gorcoff, Horizons/On Top

Jennifer Lucey, SA

Jory Hearst, BHS

Justina Starr, SA

Kara Quinn, Edmunds Elementary

Kate Seitz, SA

Katie Wyndorf, Edmunds Middle

Kristen Schwerin, SA

Linda Randall, BTC

Liz Casey, BSD

Lynda Siegel, IAA

Maggie Conant, BHS

Mark Nigolian, Edmunds Middle School

Meg Lenti, SA

Nora Seymour, Burlington Technical Center

Robin Berger, Flynn Elementary

Sara Leyser, SA

Shannon Walters, BHS

Tim Fitzsimmons, SA

Tucker Houston, Edmunds Elementary

Vincent Castine, Edmunds Elementary

If you work in Burlington Schools and want to have your name on the list, sign up here:


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