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Troy Headrick

Troy Headrick

State Representative, Burlington

"I have been amazed and impressed as I watch Emma lead from a commitment of collaboration and compromise. Her ability to read the room and remain committed to amplifying the unheard and highlighting the overlooked is outstanding and serves her well as she fully considers all viewpoints before moving forward with policy decisions. I’ve lived in this community since 1996 and, for the first time, am thrilled to whole-heartedly endorse a leader that will truly serve us all.

As a rather reluctant politician, I was initially hesitant about committing to the State Representative role for the Chittenden 15 district. As our caucus leader, Emma immediately made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and absolutely assured me that I belonged at the table. This is what Emma does – she creates the opportunity and the environment for all voices, even the hesitant ones, to show up and be heard. Emma has been a generous mentor and reliable leader for me as I stepped into my first role as an elected representative. I am so excited to support her candidacy for Mayor."

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